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Author Interview – Regan Black @ReganBlack

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How did you develop your writing?

Trial and error. Seriously. It’s that simple. If you want to hone and develop your writing, you have to put in the time. The more you write, the more you discover about yourself, your voice, and the message you have to share.

My dad wasn’t exactly thrilled when I launched my writing career because he knew it was a tough road and he worried I would get hurt. And that was sixteen years ago. When I told him what I planned to do, all he said was, “Well, writers write.”

I was all, “Gee, Dad, ya think?” But there was more truth and wisdom to those three words than I realized at the time. As a mother of toddlers, getting in that writing time didn’t just happen, and it wasn’t until I really made the time for writing as a career that it took off.

Looking back, I appreciate my father’s blunt reaction and that he didn’t try to prop me up with unrealistic expectations. I think he’d be proud of how far I’ve come.

What’s your next project?

Along with Bulletproof, Double Vision and another novella will debut at the end of October so readers can enjoy a few adventures in the Unknown Identities and really get a full escape into that world.

As readers relish those three UI stories, I will be working on expanding the series with another short story which will be included in an anthology entitled My Evil Valentine which is set to release in February 2014.

And I’ll let you in on a secret, the fourth novel in the UI series stars an assassin referred to as End Game. His adventure will be a tough one, but I can’t wait to see where he leads me.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. Could be a news story, something my husband shares from his Army experience, or even a science journal. For Bulletproof, much of the inspiration for the plots of the ongoing Unknown Identities series came from brainstorming sessions with the ever-so-talented romantic suspense author Debra Webb.

But inspiration is just that – an inspired jumping off point. I love to give my imagination free rein and experience the surprise as the adventure unfolds. There is a scene in Bulletproof that still gives me chills because I absolutely did not see it coming. (Weird but true.)

The beauty of being a ‘pantser’ is never having to apologize to an outline for leaving it in the dust.

What is hardest – getting published, writing or marketing?

With all the recent changes in publishing, no matter what route an author chooses to go with a particular book, the marketing falls on the author’s shoulders. For Bulletproof, I had a few more marketing options, simply because of the recent success of previous projects. But more options doesn’t always equal easy.

While social media has streamlined some aspects of marketing and I am thrilled to have more access and methods than ever before to connect with readers, marketing is still the toughest part of the process for me.

As an author who tends to be introverted, sometimes it’s challenging to put myself out there and build relationships with readers. But I’ve learned to have fun with it and how to balance the part of me that needs quiet to produce more great adventures.

Savvy marketing involves so much more than telling the universe the book is out there, please go buy it. It’s the cover design, the blurb, the technology advances, genre trends, and more. Marketing requires consistent attention to effectively juggle all of those elements with the vital feedback from readers and still move forward with the next project.

Wine helps. Hmm, I wonder if that counts as a business deduction?

What marketing works for you?

The direct kind! These days I prefer connecting with readers online through twitter, Facebook, and bloggers and reviewers who are gracious enough to host me and my novels.

Way back when my books released in print first (rather than ebook first) I enjoyed book signings, but the effectiveness of an event was dependent on so many other factors competing for attention that day. Sometimes the best way I connected with customers was to point them to the restrooms.

Now, events like this tour for Bulletproof are a fine example of how much things have changed – in a good way – for readers and authors alike.


“Dark, gritty, sexy suspense with one hell of a hot hero.” -USA Today bestseller Debra Webb

A soldier is nothing without his honor.

To avoid a dishonorable end to his decorated military career, John Noble made a deal with the devil. He gave up his name, endured harrowing training, and accepted every mission thrown at him for one purpose: redemption.

When he accepts his latest orders, providing personal security for a reporter in trouble, he bargains hard to guarantee it will be his last job for the shadow agency he knows only Unknown Identities (UI).

An ambitious reporter, Amelia Bennett, is about to break the story of her career, if she lives long enough to tell it. Caving to her boss’s demand, she hires a bodyguard and soon it is obvious John Noble is the only obstacle standing between her and certain death.

Just when John believes he has found someone he can trust and love, who loves him unconditionally for who and what he has become, his orders are amended: Amelia Bennett is to be terminated.

Introducing Unknown Identities: an alternative for elite soldiers and spies facing criminal charges… if they can survive the program.

Don’t miss Double Vision, the next installment of this sizzling, action-packed series.

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Genre - Romantic Suspense

Rating – R

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