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Martin King & the Space Angels (Martin King Series) by James McGovern #AmReading #YA #SciFi

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Martin sat on the steps outside Gateway School, waiting for Darcy. She was usually running late. But Martin wanted to see Darcy before the start of school; he didn’t have many classes with her that day.
That was one great perk of being best friends with the girl he was in love with—she didn’t start thinking it was weird that he wanted to spend time with her.

‘Morning, Martin,’ said a voice.

He looked up. It was Mr Slater, his maths teacher. Slater didn’t usually speak to pupils outside class, so Martin felt strangely honoured.

‘Morning, sir,’ said Martin.

‘Lovely day,’ said Slater, admiring the sunny weather.

Martin nodded. Slater looked uneasy, as if he wanted to tell Martin something but didn’t know whether it was a good idea. The teacher took a deep breath.

‘Can I ask you a question, Martin?’ he said.

‘Er… yeah, I suppose.’

‘I was just wondering… have you witnessed anything strange today?’

‘Strange, sir?’

The teacher nodded. ‘Anything out of the ordinary.’

Martin paused, thinking about the strange man he had seen watching him from behind a tree. He didn’t know whether to tell Slater about it. The teacher seemed to be acting strangely himself.

‘Well…’ Martin began, but tailed off.


‘Nothing,’ said Martin finally. ‘Nothing at all.’

‘Oh.’ The teacher sighed again. ‘It’s the school trip to the zoo tomorrow, and I’m swapping places with Mr Burgan to look after your class. I would appreciate it if you, Darcy and Tommy could stay within sight.’

Martin frowned. ‘Why? What’s going on? What’s all this about?’

‘Probably nothing to worry about,’ said Slater. ‘But please trust me.’

"The book draws you into its world in the same way that the Harry Potter books do." Kophi (5 -star Reviewer).
"If you like Percy Jackson, Twilight, or The Mortal Instruments, chances are you'll love Martin King." Teen eBook Review.

"Reminiscent of Ron, Harry and Hermione." Lucinda (5-star Reviewer).
"Martin King is something like a cross between Harry Potter and Frodo." Meghan (Top 500 Reviewer).

Martin King is just an ordinary teenage boy in love with a girl… until he gets a superpower.
An evil force called XO5 is looking for something on Earth – something dangerous. Martin King and his friends must find it first.

Martin, Darcy and Tommy soon find themselves caught up in a massive, universal conspiracy.

But who really is the mysterious XO5 – and what does he want with Martin?

This is the first book in the electrifying Martin King series. With it's gripping plot, exciting characters and readability, the book has been compared to the novels of of J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan and Cassandra Clare. Martin King and the Space Angels has been described as a "majestic masterpiece" and "one of the most entertaining YA fantasy-science fiction novels". If you're looking for a thrilling, sensational, romantic page-turner from an exciting new author, you'll love Martin King.

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Genre - Young Adult, Teen, Sci-Fi
Rating – PG
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