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Anna Klay on Symbolism, Motifs & Book Covers @AnnaKlayBooks #AmReading #Fiction

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I created this cover in a rough form on a white board before I had it professionally drawn with the intention of conveying the emotion of the work.
Book cover designs should not only have enough creativity and originality to attract the eyes of a potential reader, which a cover must do with a slight glance, but the design also offers a hint to potential readers the genre, the style, the tone and content.  With Broken Wing, the cover was designed with the intention of portraying a dark story, edgy and somewhat turbulent.  And the symbolism within the story is introduced through aspects of the cover.
Every aspect of the cover from the colors to the fonts to the central image should be there for a reason.   And the cover should also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  After all, the cover is a representation of your work, and represents the writer to the reader.
Is the story a turbulent one with twists and turns?  Broken Wing is, and that is also represented through the shattered font style.  And this story takes place in a small town named Pettington located in the middle of nowhere which is illustrated in the landscape, but the theme of the story, abuse and how it affects us all, is not isolated to the small town in this novel, but instead it is a story we all know too well, and that is communicated by the barbwire fence that runs off the cover page.
There is much more to Broken Wing including the symbolism and the motif that the readers will discover and form their personal ideas upon, and I do not want to spoil that here.  But I will say that a writer owes it to their readers to present an image that can offer a realistic glimpse of the contents and leave an impression that will allow the reader to make a good decision about the material. And if the writer has spent the time to polish his or her work, he or she owes it to themselves as well as the reader to show that through the cover.

The Tarot predicts the journey as Ray Long comes to the town of Pettington hoping to leave his rage behind and begin a new life. And when he meets Skye Roosevelt, he begins to believe he can recreate himself and find his future in Pettington. But Pettington is no ordinary town with a metaphysical store that tells its future, a whore house that keeps it financially secure, and secrets long buried just beneath its surface. And soon Ray Long begins to spiral down into the pit of violence he has always known. 

He begins to hear the Devil whisper in his ear, and he soon discovers his old self is more soothing to him than the new life he’s created. And when he tries to murder two of Pettington’s own, Skye Roosevelt must search deep within herself for her own self identity in order to protect her son as Ray Long battles the past in order to separate the passion from the pain. Broken Wing is a story about an abuser who was a victim of abuse as a child. 

This is a story about his family relations, the need for love, the devastation of rejection, and the merry-go-round that keeps turning. And this story is about self-identity, a self-identity the character believes defines him, dark and rigid, until he is pushed to the extreme, only then can he step out and stand naked with this identity at his feet as he lays claim to the past that molded him and the passion that fills his heart.
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