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Phil Davidson on Book Covers with Color & Drama @davidsonnovels #Military #AmReading #Drama

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Why Book Covers are So Important
Phil Davidson
Book covers are extremely important to the development of your book.  When I first did the book cover forDreamer I felt that it was very good.  I used the cover for a number of years.  Later on I made revisions to the book and decided to revise the cover as well.  I did not know how that would impact the rate at which people would download my book but the results were amazing.  Just with a simple switch of the cover I got nearly 4,000 downloads of Dreamer in one week, making it an number 1 Amazon Best Seller. A proper book cover is one of the best investments you can make.  I would not recommend leaving this to an amateur.
Here are a three tips that I learned about having a book cover done:
Make sure that your book cover has a lot of color and drama.  When your book is competing against other book covers there is a minimum amount of pixel space.  The colors have to be bold enough to stand out to make sure that people see it.  If you use light colors and a design that does not contain drama people will not be interested.
The book cover needs to be designed so that it speaks to people.  It needs to say – read me.  People scan covers very quickly and if the cover does not draw them in they will move on to the next book.  My Dreamer cover said – read me.
Make sure to brand yourself.  Your name on the cover is as important as the title.  Many authors take time to write a good title but often forget to give their name prominence on the cover too.  I think it is a good idea to do both.
Make sure that you have a cover designer that you can get along with.  Proper cover design takes time.  The group that handled my cover was  Ask for Linda Leon.  She is excellent to work with.
Overall, the professionalism of your cover reflects you.  Make a cover that reflects high standards and it will benefit you.
Phil Davidson is a practicing attorney in Nashville, TN and author of the book Dreamer a number 1 Amazon Best Selling Book. Dreamer is a novel about redemption and the power of God to restore the fallen. It is available on This book has been written to inspire everyone and especially those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that there is a place for recovery in the arms of God.

The fiery relationship between Captain David Eliott and beautiful lover and wife Sonny creates a drama that will cross continents. She is the light of his world and suddenly disappears under the worst circumstances, which causes David to again become the man that he swore to forget. This military drama is full of intrigue and redemption.

Phil Davidson’s book Dreamer is dedicated to preserving the bond of brotherhood that military members commit to, shows the power of faith in overcoming life’s most adverse situations, shows the strength of families working through challenges, and the healing from trauma that occurs by becoming bold enough to face the enemies of your past.
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Genre - Military Fiction
Rating – PG-18
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