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A Chance At Love by Sheena Binkley @ChevonBink #Fiction @MustRead #YA

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Chapter 4: Charles
Lounging around on a Saturday seemed like an ideal day for me until Trevor texted, asking me to meet up with him at Buffalo Wild Wings. At first, I was going to tell him no, but I figured he would either call repeatedly or show up at my apartment; so I threw on the first thing I could find in my closet, grabbed my keys and headed out the door.
Twenty minutes later, Trevor and I were inside, munching on Buffalo wings and drinking beers while watching a baseball game on the big screen. Since he arrived early, he had already ordered for the both of us. I looked at Trevor, who was still smiling from last night. I have to admit, since he and Camille have been together, he’s been a little too happy. I guess that’s what love does to you. I remember having that feeling a long time ago, where you only wanted to be with that person morning, noon and night. When that person invaded your thoughts throughout the day. Although I said love was never a part of my life’s plan, there’s a reason for that theory. I took a long swig from my beer bottle.
“You know, I am a lucky man,” Trevor said as he put a wing to his mouth.
“I know you are. You’re getting married to a beautiful woman who is also your best friend.”
“Exactly. I didn’t think we would ever get to this point. After the whole situation with Chelsea, I didn’t think Camille wanted to be with me.”
“Tre, a lot of things happened during that time, but Camille loved you regardless. There was never a doubt in my mind that you two weren’t going to be together.”
“Well, you did point it out in high school.”
“Of course. That’s why I kept teasing you two.”
Trevor smiled as he grabbed a napkin from the center of the table.
“What about you? There’s not a woman you’re sporting for the week?”
“Actually, there are two women I’m sporting this week. Of course I wasn’t going to bring either one to the party in case anyone knew the two.”
“Really, Charles?”
“What? I thought it was logical to think that. They may run in the same social circle.”
“I’m not talking about that. When are you going to stop dating multiple women and actually be in a relationship?”
I gave a long-winded sigh, knowing what was about to occur. Trevor and I had this talk once a week: him saying I would eventually meet a girl that would change my life around and me convincing him that I was happy with the way my life was.
I didn’t want a relationship. And to be honest, I didn’t think I ever would.
“I get it, you want to date as many women as possible, but what if you find that one woman that will make you change your ways? What if she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?”
“Can we just drop this? I’m happy, Trevor.”
“Are you really? You used to value relationships. In fact, you were a one-woman man at one point.”
My expression went from annoyed to harsh at what Trevor said. In fact, why was he even bringing this up?
“That was a long time ago. Things have changed since then.”
I grabbed my beer bottle again and realized it was almost empty.
“I’ll be back,” I said as I got up from the booth.
Once I did, I noticed someone walking into the establishment that made me immediately stop in my tracks. She looked in my direction. When she saw me, she gave me a bright smile, which I quickly wanted to turn away from but couldn’t.
Trevor looked at the woman and then at me, giving me a look that read, are you okay?
“Hi, Charles,” the woman said as she approached our table.
I stared at her, wondering what I should do. Should I talk to her, or should I walk away? She did it to me before our college graduation.
The person standing in front of me is the reason why I stopped caring about relationships. The reason is she left me with a broken heart eight years ago.
Tia Simmons has been happily dating Eric Taylor for the past 6 months, and could possibly see a future with him. He’s everything Tia wants in a man- smart, funny, and extremely sexy, but she feels something is missing in the relationship. Until she finds what she’s looking for, she’ll be with Eric as long as she can.
Charles Robinson always dated women without the concept of falling in love. He doesn’t even want to think about the word considering he was at one point in his life. When his ex arrives claiming she wants another chance with him, he starts to rethink the notion that love is not a bad thing.
While the two are living their lives, they both are centered around their best friends, Camille Anderson and Trevor Williams, who are madly in love. Seeing the two together put their own lives in prospective and wonder if their lives are where they should be; but there is one problem that have plagued them both.
Tia and Charles have known each other since high school. They were actually good friends, until one night changed their relationship forever. After that night, the two have been distanced, causing them to snip at each other any chance they got. But when a new merger unexpectedly puts Tia and Charles in the same company, the two have to come together not only for a big account, but also to settle their differences before both are out of a job.
Through a string of events, including a drunken night out, a game of strip Twister, and a wedding, the two realize that love can come when they least expect it.
(A Chance At Love is the sequel to In Love With My Best Friend, but the book is considered a standalone and can be read separately.)
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Genre - Fiction / Young Adult / New Adult
Rating – R
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