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Ewell Stewart duPont on Creating A Great Work Area For Inspiration #amwriting #amreading

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Most authors at some point face writer’s block.  I think a sure fire way to avoid having writer’s block is to set up your work area for inspiration.  Always place yourself in a position to be inspired.  That will go a long way in the development of your writing skills.  Here are five great things that work for me.
Work in a well lit area.  Light affects the mood. So the more that you can be in direct sunlight or a very bright room the better.
Work with music.  Studies have shown that people write longer when they develop the habit of writing with music on.  The music has a calming effect and when you feel relaxed you are in a better position to write.
Work at a desk that is suitable for your body style.  Make sure your wrists are in a comfortable writing position.  Make sure that you desk is free of clutter.  This will make your writing environment more stress free. Be in a position to turn on an additional desk lamp if needed.
Work where you are free from distractions.  During your writing time turn the phone off.  Make sure to keep children and pets out of your working area to reduce the chances of you getting distracted.  Arrange your desk area so that you are not facing anything that would remind you of something else that you need to do.  For example don’t have bills on your writing desk.
Work where you are inspired.  Plaster your walls with words of inspiration.  Quotes, inspirational words and comments from people that have enjoyed your work can really brighten up your work-space.
These are really good tips that will keep your work area inspirational.  The more inspired that you are the more you will be able to write.
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