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Author Interview – Kara Stefanowich @Karakazoo

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What are your goals as a writer?

My goals are to always improve as a writer and turn my work into my retirement plan. I don’t expect, in this economy, that I will have anything to turn to once I can no longer work. So I’m hoping that the career I’ve chosen as a writer helps me when I can do nothing else. But I would also like to go out knowing that I’ve made something of myself. I’m hoping I inspire other people’s creative juices to flow. I hope I give others the strength to, as NIKE would say, “Just do it”. Artists should never fear their creativity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, when I’m dreaming I see myself in a hammock between two palm trees overlooking a beautiful blue ocean. Realistically, I see myself only just getting settled into my writing career and possibly retiring from my day jobs. (With a little luck…..*prays*….)

Are there any new authors that have sparked your interest?

Thanks to social media websites I have had the opportunity to read the works of many authors whether they be published or hiding in a dark room. I have had the pleasure to read some great books from Scott Sigler, who hooked me with ‘Infected’. I’ve had the pleasure to read ‘Exile: The Protector Book 1’, by M.R. Merrick. I’ve had the pleasure to read ‘Sand’ by Lili Tufel. I’ve also had the pleasure to read several manuscripts from aspiring authors like, Christina Brown. She actually did write and publish one book called, ‘Deathly Revenge’. I was truly amazed by her work and especially hope she continues to share her gift. I’m also very happy to say I have had the opportunity to chat with all these wonderful people via Twitter. I highly recommend looking up your favorite authors on twitter. You’d be surprised how amazing they are to talk to.

Do you have any hobbies?

My hobbies consist of things like gardening (I love gardening with a passion. Say it’s the woman in me wanting to see something I made grow and thrive, I don’t care.) I enjoy doing things that require a lot of physical labor, like landscaping, building things (wood work mostly, burnings, carvings, bird houses, boxes and so on), I like to clean, paint, draw, wash my car……things like that.

How did you come up with the cover of your book?

I actually wrote out the entire story then sent it off to one of my friends to read and criticize. In that process I found out that she was very much into photography. I was, at that time, in need of a photographer for another book I’ve been working on and I asked her to be the photographer for that. It was only a few edits later that I actually realized I was going to need a photographer for my novel. So I asked her kindly if she’d like to do my cover. She happily accepted and worked her little fanny off to get me just the right picture. She used the information from the book to get ideas and then added her sister into the mix as the model. Hats off to Melissa Michaud for her wonderful photos.

Who are the people who have supported you the most in your writing career?

My list is small but very important to me. My son, first off, is more supportive of my writing than I ever expected him to be, especially when his mother is losing her marbles because her computer won’t do what she says.

My boyfriend is next on the list as he’s been more than supportive than I ever knew a boyfriend could be. He’s encouraged me to keep going and helped me when I got stuck on every possible occasion. And when I need a break, he makes sure I get it.

My boss and his wife have been incredibly supportive and even gone as far as advertising my work through their business. They’ve encouraged me and helped me every chance they got without even being asked.

I can’t forget a few online friends who prompted me to keep going, Liz Griggs, Christy Brown, Jamie Corrigan and many others.

For these people I am thankful and grateful.

How has writing impacted your everyday life style?

Life has become quite full since I’ve started writing regularly. I already work 2 jobs and have a child to take care of and a household to run so squeezing in some writing time every day has become a bit difficult, but I’m taking it all in stride. I’m also learning that one needs time off once in a while. LOL!!

What genre’s have you written or plan to write? Why?

So far I’ve written a Suspenseful Romantic Thriller, Paranormal Romance, and a prequel to the Suspenseful Romantic Thriller.  I am currently working on a Suspenseful Thriller/Mystery, a book of poetry, a Paranormal Thriller and my Biography. I happen to enjoy the ‘fear factor’ in life and in entertainment. I little fear with your mystery makes me jump and pay attention. I hope it has the same affect on my readers.

What would you like to be able to do with your book earnings?

Above anything else I’d like to be able to retire on my book earnings……even if it’s only when I’m at retirement age (which I am NOT) LOL!

But if nothing else I’d really love to have my own cabin on a lake. My own personal getaway that can really make me feel at ease. The idea of sitting out on the porch in my old rickety rocking chair and looking out over the peaceful water would be amazing.


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