Thursday, October 10, 2013

Author Interview – Pete Clark

at 3:00 AM

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Tough call. I am torn between the Amalfi coast in Italy or somewhere in Scotland. I’ve only been to Edinburgh in Scotland but I loved it.

How do you write – laptop, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk?

I use my laptop. I have to. My handwriting is so astoundingly horrific that nobody can read it. Even I can’t read many of the notes I make to myself. As to where? Anywhere. But wherever it is, if I really get going, one of my cats will sit on my keyboard.

Tell us about your new book? What’s it about and why did you write it?

It is mainly about the American Revolution. But I have changed history to reveal that in fact, there were a great deal of supernatural creatures around at the time. The story follows a number of unheralded but real life heroes of the time as they war with the British and try to discover the mystery of where the creatures came from and how to stop them. Oh and it’s pretty funny at times. At least I think so.

How often do you write? And when do you write?

I am a splurge writer. I don’t have much of a pattern. For example, I wrote well over 200 thousand words this summer. But probably less than 20K the 8 months before that. When I am going, I write pretty much every day. My output ranges from 2 to 10 K. I had a week recently where I was writing a 4-6 thousand word short story every day for a week. That is all great but soon I will slip back into getting nothing done. Time wise, I like to write at night.

Do you have an organized process or tips for writing well? Do you have a writing schedule?

I am extremely disorganized. I do not have a schedule and I doubt I would stick with it if someone made me one. If I make myself stick to a time, then that is the time I least feel like writing. So I just do it when I feel like it. That is probably why I am so inconsistent.

What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your words make them feel?

It really depends on what they are reading. I have seen many people cry during my plays. And people have told me that they have been asked to be quiet from laughing too loud when reading Midnight Riders. I like both reactions. Hopefully when people read them, they feel something. What does not concern me; I would just like to get a reaction.

What’s your favorite meal?

The vegan chicken salad from Whole Foods with Cotswolds cheese on some awesome bread with a side of potato chips. I’m not a very healthy guy.

If you could do any job in the world what would you do?

Professional travel guy. Not a real job but I would like to just go everywhere, look at places, nod my head, and say awesome a lot.

When you get free time on the internet or you go to the library – what do you want to read about.

Just about anything. I enjoy discovering things I did not know. Lately I’ve been into marine biology and deep ocean exploration. Which is something I never looked into before.

Do you find the time to read?

Sometimes. I read a lot but I teach English Lit and I re-read the books just about every year. So a large amount of my reading time is put towards that. I still get a few books in here and there. I edit my friends as well if that counts. I would like to read more.


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