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Author Interview – Regan Black

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What were the challenges in bringing this book series to life?

People often think being a pantser must be a huge challenge, but through the years I’ve learned to trust in my process. The real challenge of bringing the Shadows of Justice series to life is keeping track of the growing cast of characters.

Jaden Michaels, the heroine of Justice Incarnate was so vivid for me and as her adventure unfolded and more of her past and present came to light, her relationships have led to the other books in the series. The heroes and heroines in all of the books feel like good friends to me now. Whenever there is a scene involving several of the characters, I can see the different facial expressions, hear Petra’s calm voice (Invasion of Justice), Kelly’s open friendliness (Veil of Justice) and the reactions of their protective partners.

I knew I wanted to write Slick Micky’s story (Tracking Shadows), but the trouble was finding a heroine who could match him. He’s in all of the Shadows of Justice books and readers really like him, so I had to be sure Trina was up to the task.

Once I had her in mind, her skill set as well as her motivation, their story came alive for me and their adventure through the murky Chicago underworld was one of the best experiences of my writing career.

In Shadows to Light, Mira’s romance was an equally tough case. Not only was she caught between her compassion and the strict rules of the healer order, but there had to be some reason she and Jameson would be in the same area at the same time. That posed a few challenges for me in the draft and editing stage – but it was worth it!

Who were your heroes/heroines when you were a young girl?

When I think of myself as a kid in the context of heroes, I think cartoon heroes. (that might give you a clue about how my brain works…). Anyway, Rogue was my favorite Xmen character and I’ll always believe she and Gambit lived happily ever after because Wolverine was meant for me. As an adult, I have to confess I’m not sure much has changed, especially since Hugh Jackman was cast as Wolverine.

As for truly heroic people in real life, I admire and gain inspiration from people who use their skills and talents, to inspire, assist, entertain, educate, and discover things that make our world a better place. And as an Army wife, I would be remiss if I didn’t share a big thank you to those in uniform and their families who do heroic things every day, just by their service and sacrifice.

Are the characters in your novels modeled from people and personalities around you, or just from your imagination?

My characters are rarely modeled on real people. Although, I do apply real life quirks and traits to my fictional friends sometimes. And I confess, I’ve killed off someone in a story because they represented a person who irritated the heck out of me in real life. In general I love to people watch, to study the way people move and talk. (I try not to be so obvious that I get arrested – so far, so good).

What’s the biggest hurdle you had to overcome to attain your writing goals?

Hands down, it was my naturally shy nature. No one who knows me (not even my husband) believes I was ever shy, but it’s true. Writing, like any art form or business, means putting a piece of yourself out there for others to stomp or praise at their leisure. Being shy made it a real challenge to take the risk and ask for feedback, help, and guidance. I still have my moments (usually when the book goes out for beta reads and editing) but overall, I believe spending hours with my fictional worlds makes it easier to go out and make connections in the real world. Weird? Yeah. But I never claimed to be the most normal girl on the block.

Do you find the time to read?

Every day! I believe reading is essential to writing. Usually I read a book for pleasure just before bed to help wind down. But I read plenty of books on personal development and business too – just not usually at bedtime. ;)

Justice Incarnate

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