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Morgan’s Return by Greta van der Rol @GretavdR

at 6:45 AM

In this scene from Morgan’s Return, Morgan and Ravindra and their party are booking into a hotel.

Ravindra gazed around the foyer, built to resemble a crashing wave. Light sparkled through translucent, sea-green glass that curved over the entire area. The carpet was the soft gold of sand. It almost felt like being underwater, in a sunlit grotto.

“Oh, this is a lovely spot, Marina. So clever of you to choose it.”

A group of new arrivals advanced on the reception desk. Ravindra stepped aside. The young woman with the too-loud voice was certainly attractive, but she didn’t match Marina. That had to be her in the centre, a glorious mane of golden hair cascading down her back. Her pale-blue dress draped around generous curves, dipping between her breasts. Silver sandals added even more height to long, shapely legs. Very nice. Very nice indeed. She met his gaze as she passed, her glance flicking over him while a slight smile curved full lips.

“I’m here.”

Ravindra started like a guilty schoolboy, while Morgan looked up at him with a wry smile on her face.

Marina and her party had reached the desk, where the staff fell over themselves to assist.

“Her name’s Marina Seabright. She’s an actor. Not currently in a relationship. Anything else you’d like to know?” Morgan’s face, and the tone of her voice, were both deadpan.

He frowned. “This woman has the best rooms in the hotel booked out.”

Her eyes twinkling, Morgan gazed up at him. “So you’ll have to settle for second best for a change. You should see your face.”

“Don’t push your luck, my dear,” he growled.

Still grinning, Morgan beckoned to a porter with a propulsion cart to bring the bags. After a short walk along a shade-dappled path, the young man opened the door of the apartment for them, brought the bags in, then left.

“So. Here we are.” Morgan wandered out onto a balcony.

Ravindra joined her, sucking in the salt-laden breeze as he gazed over a strip of golden beach. Fast-moving craft left foaming wakes in pale green water. Further out, sails provided drops of color in red and yellow, while groups of people dotted the sands. Closer by, a pool surrounded by lush plantings provided a cool oasis. “Nice. But I think we should get our business over and get out of here.” Anger still simmered. Who did that policewoman think she was?

Morgan snorted.

He spun her around to face him. “And I’ve had quite enough of you enjoying the spectacle. It will cease. Understood?”


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