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Sebastiana Randone – Past Lives And Soul Connections @sebasti29567440

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I have been fascinated by the concept of past lives and blood memory for a long while. The theory that our predilections and desires are informed by experiences we may have undergone in previous incarnations, is an enduring subject that many, particularly those drawn to the new age, ponder and even subscribe to. In my case, I am enamoured by these ideologies more for artistic procurement, than true belief. But then again how can I be really certain?  Considering the many dogmas that pervade, this one is as credible as any.
Suffering chronic depression, largely due to existing in the modern era (or so she supposes), my main character is nourished on a diet of historical novels. This causes her to look back to a period which communicates more meaningfully to her soul. Is this longing due to the fact that she really did once exist in that time (blood memory), or merely escapist fancy?
Eternal love, along with the notion that we spend our entire lives searching for our “other half” is what sits at the heart of my book ‘The House’. The supposition, as originally propounded by Greek philosophers, is that life’s impulses are aroused by the search for that soul mate, that lover with whom we harmonised once upon a time, in the great celestial orchestra of the hereafter.   This endearing and most comforting construct speaks of an immortal love match, and as with Nirvana, one’s evolution is not complete until it is attained.
The time traveller (whose name I cannot reveal) launches upon a journey to a foreign historical setting, where she interacts with a curious mix of characters.* A picture begins to emerge as relationships develop, but the enigmatic nature of her involvement in this mystery remains throughout the book. Could it be a genuine flight of imagination, an escape, from the disconsolation felt in her former life? Or perhaps she must atone for an unfinished affair from another incarnation?
In the end all is revealed.  Is the conclusion unexpected? Maybe.  Is it bizarre? Definitely.
*see ‘a cast of distinctive characters’ blog

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