Thursday, January 16, 2014

Space Dude by Jann Jeter @Hasty_Post

at 5:00 AM

Nadine was washing beer mugs when Dude and Thipp walked in. Dude purposely dropped the keys to the bus on the bartop and Nadine grumbled, “Ya just gonna keep scarring up my bartop or are ya gonna order something so I can make rent this month?”  The boys grinned at each other – it was hard to tell if she could actually see them or not.

“Um, yeah, could I please get a Valway ale in the bottle, Nadine?”  Dude asked, being very polite.

She turned around, opened a door, pulled out a bottle, put the cap on the edge of the back bar, hit it with her other palm, popped it off and turned back to put the bottle in front of Dude in what seemed like all one movement.

“4 credits.”

Dude gave her his account card and watched as Nadine put it straight in the machine, swiped it, and slapped it directly back into his hand. He looked at Thipp and they both shrugged. Still hard to tell.

“Are you just here to take up space, Sonny?” she said in Thipp’s general direction.

“Uh, no ma’am. I’ll have a Luckenbach Lager, please.” He said, inwardly groaning. Why did they both feel the compulsion to be so nice?

Nadine snorted and reached for a glass. She tipped it under one of the spigots and drew down a perfect glass of beer. Thipp raised one eyebrow and his mind tipped more towards ‘she can see’. He automatically held out his account card, Nadine grabbed it, swiped it and returned it before going back to her chores.


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Genre - Space, Fantasy

Rating – PG

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