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10 Things You Didn’t Know About #Author Lauren Linwood @LaurenLinwood #Historical #Romance

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Linwood
It’s easier to get to know authors now than in the pre-Internet days. Most authors aim to have a media presence, and readers can find out lots about them via these sources. I share random things on my Write Up My Alley blog (http://laurenlinwood.wordpress.com), and I also have an author Facebook page (http://facebook.com/laurenlinwood) and even tweet (http://twitter.com/LaurenLinwood).
But here are some tidbits about me that you may not have seen before:
  1. When I was four, I broke my collarbone while climbing a chinaberry tree. I slipped and hit the picnic table beneath the tree, rolled and hit the bench, then finally came to halt when I plopped face down on the ground. I didn’t get to wear a cast with this type of injury, and I was jealous of people who sported arm & leg casts because people could sign these. Looking back, I’m feeling lucky that I never broke either an arm or a leg!
  2. My favorite album is Hootie & the Blowfish’s Cracked Rear View. Not a bad song on it.
  3. Every Christmas Eve after church, we sit down to a breakfast supper, which includes this crazy-good sausage/egg/cheese/mushroom casserole, and then we open presents and watch a couple of Christmas movies such as Home Alone, Elf, or Love, Actually. And yes, the next morning we find that Santa has come. He’s really gotten into the gift card spirit the last few years, so stocking time is memorable.
  4. My birthday is on Halloween, which was terrific as a kid because I got to go trick-or-treating and score tons of candy while dressed up (usually as a vampire).
  5. I thought I was going to be a journalist after I was editor-in-chief of my junior high and high school newspapers. Instead, I became a history teacher (pretty convenient since I write historical romance novels and love to research).
  6. My mom wanted me to wear her wedding gown when I got married. The only glitch? She was 92 pounds on her wedding day, and the last time I fit into her gown was in 8th grade! Getting married at 13 just didn’t seem like an option—even if it was a cool dress.
  7. My favorite band is The Eagles. I love their harmonies, especially on Seven Bridges Road. And I would end every school year driving out of the teacher parking lot for the summer blaring Already Gone, sing at the top of my lungs.
  8. Even though I don’t believe in reincarnation, I felt right at home when I visited London. I’m worse than horrible with directions, yet I seemed to know which way to turn and where things were located, almost as if I’d lived there before. Eerie, I know.
  9. I’ve never played Words with Friends. I think I would like it too much to start playing. I can see it taking over my life like that scary-creepy vine from The Ruins.
  10. I sing the same song in the shower every time my editor buys a book from me. And I sound fabulous while doing it! Well, definitely not fabulous, but I’m home alone when I do it and enjoy belting it out.
So there you have it—random Lauren Linwood in a nutshell!
Lily Frontiere returns from a costly European trip to find her mother has accumulated large gambling debts. Things grow worse as her mother’s health deteriorates and she can no longer run Lucky Lil’s, the most famous whorehouse in San Francisco. Though Lilian shielded her only child from house life by sending her away to boarding school, Lily takes over and poses as Madam Lil. Her intelligence and astonishing resemblance to her mother help, but she’s entering a world she knows little about. Lily tries to extract the house from impending financial ruin until a handsome stranger turns up with the deed to Lucky Lil’s in hand.
Gambler Jed Stone journeys to California to track down Simon Morgan, the man responsible for his best friend’s death. Arrested for robbery and murder upon arrival, he is shocked to see his face on a wanted poster. Jed escapes before his hanging, unaware that the man guilty of those crimes is the twin brother he never knew existed. In a case of mistaken identity, Jed acquires Lucky Lil’s in a rigged card game his twin is meant to win.
Jed asks Madam Lil to stay on as he learns the business. Lily clashes with the new owner over ways to make the establishment profitable, yet she is attracted to the charming risk taker at the same time. Jed is fooled by Lily’s charade until he stumbles upon the real Madam Lil and learns the truth behind Lily’s deception. His admiration for Lily blossoms into love.
But Simon Morgan seeks both Lily’s hand and ownership of Lucky Lil’s—and he will go to any means to possess both. Will Jed foil his nemesis while bringing his outlaw brother to justice?
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Genre - Western Historical Romance
Rating – PG
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