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#YA Author Peter Clenott & How He Works Through Self-Doubt @PeterClenott #AmReading #TBR

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How do you work through self-doubts and fear? In writing I have no self-doubts. But as a shy person, I have had plenty of self-doubts that I preferred to slide past without facing. Dating was always terrible. Public speaking impossible. But since I have published and have spoken at various literary functions, I’ve discovered that as long as I’m talking about something I’m comfortable with, I do okay. And dating, of course, is a thing of the past.
What scares you the most? The end of the world, running out of money before the end of the world, forgetting to put on my pants before I run out of money.
What’s your greatest character strength? Perseverance. Through all of the rejections I have received from agents and publishers, I haven’t stopped and have finally achieved some success.
What’s your weakest character trait? Impatience. Frustration when things don’t go as planned. That goes hand-in-hand with the self-doubts.
Why do you write? The most important thing people do is communicate to one another. For me, as a shy person, writing is a way for me to communicate ideas and beliefs to people, potentially, around the world, and do so in a mind-absorbing, pleasant way.
Do you plan to publish more books? Absolutely. I have been writing for 40 years. I have plenty of books on the back shelf ready to go and plenty more in my head waiting to be written.
How did you develop your writing: I never took college courses. I read a lot of fiction and developed my own style. Through feedback, professional editing services, and a lot more reading, I learned how to research, prepare, outline and, finally, craft a well-written novel. Due to the expense of editorial services, I now edit my own novels with confidence.
What is the hardest: getting published, writing, marketing? In the old days, getting published may have been the hardest. With the internet and self-publishing and e-publishing so prolific, it is much easier for anyone to publish their novel. Marketing is by far the most difficult thing now, or, at least, the least enjoyable. I find that I am skeptical about the influences of Twitter and Facebook etc on selling your work. There are just so many other authors doing the same thing every day, how do I or how does any other author stand out in the crowd, get the notice they deserve for their fine work? How does a reader choose? I don’t know if there is a good answer.
What do you hope your obituary will say about you? He was respected as one of America’s finest authors of the 21st century.

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