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Where do get your ideas come from?
My ideas come from many places such as movies, conversations and experiences to name a few. Occasionally, an idea smacks me in the side of the head. Such is the case with another book I'm working on, a supernatural thriller series. The idea came from a terrifying dream—the perfect scenario for the story's villain, a serial killer. I watch the news, read the paper, and search the Internet looking for interesting stories that make me ask the question, “What if?”
What is the best advice you have ever been given about writing?
Love your readers because without them you really don't have much except for a bunch of words.  They are the ones who fuel our writing.  
What is your favorite dessert/food?
Oh, God! I love food! I am such a foodie! Cheesecake, chocolate, and seafood are on the top of my list...and French fries and...stop me please! 
Who has inspired you the most in your life?
My mom. She was inspirational, a beautiful, intelligent, and strong woman who was always there for me, supported me in every way, and pushed me to be whatever I wanted to be. After a brief and courageous fight, sadly, she passed away from cancer in 1989. I know she'd be very proud. 
What is the worst part about writing for you? What is your favorite?
The most challenging aspect of writing for me is finishing the first draft. My internal editor will not shut off which makes me the slowest writer on earth but saves time when it comes to editing. In the end, it all probably balances out. My favorite—when I've written the words, “The End”.
Did any music inspire your book? Do you have a playlist?
Yes! I have to have some sort of music playing. For LETHAL JOURNEY, I listened to; Barry White, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Eagles, Guns N Roses and Eminem. God, I'm showing my age. <grin>
Describe your writing space.
My writing space if very simple and uncluttered. The walls are painted the color of a caramel latte. I have an eight foot long black desk, printer, and a zillion highlighters in a rainbow of colors.  I also have two plants on my desk which I have managed not to kill.
Is there anything you want to make sure potential readers know?
If you enjoy edge-of-the-seat suspense, loads of action, and hot romance, you will enjoy my cinematic writing style. I write as if I'm watching a movie and I hope readers enjoy the show. (I highly recommend having some popcorn on hand.) :) 
Do you believe in a deity?
I do believe there are beings with powers greater than humans—what exactly they are, I'm not sure. There is a lot in this world that can't be explained. 
What are books for?
The perfect mind getaway.
Do you ever write longhand? Do you ever use a tape-recorder?
I do write in longhand when I'm stuck in the plot or if the words aren't coming. I find moving away from my computer and grabbing a pen and paper helps a lot. No, I've never used a tape-recorder.  I just might try it one day.
What kind of books did you read growing up?
I grew up mainly reading mystery novels. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were my favourite, followed by Agatha Christie novels—absolutely loved them!
What motivates you to write?
My need to tell stories and entertain readers. I can't imagine NOT writing.
What writing are you most proud of?
I'm the most proud of my first published novel, REFLECTION, a romantic thriller. In REFLECTION, my heroine, reporter, Whitney Steel is investigating an alleged human cloning project when she meets up with the hero, FBI Agent, Blake Neely who's searching for his own answers. Everything from this point on focuses on Blake and Whitney discovering whether or not the villain has produced the world's first cloned human. The book took a tremendous amount of research and was a huge challenge to write.
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