Sunday, September 8, 2013

Author Interview – Suzanne Anderson

at 4:30 AM

Where do you write? Do you have a “special place” or do you write anywhere and everywhere?

Because my eyesight deteriorates in-step with my age, I have a 26-inch Apple desktop, sitting on a table that I bought at our local thrift store for $35. I note this because, other than the expense of the computer, writing doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment. My ‘desk’ is set up downstairs where it’s quiet and I can work relatively undisturbed (I have three dogs, one of which is a little Yorkie, who feels compelled to occasionally announce the Earth’s rotation on its axis with several sharp barks directed toward my desk from her perch on the stairs).

Do you have any rituals involved in the writing process?

Sit down, open the computer file, start typing. When it gets dark, turn on the desk lamp. It also helps to read a little bit from where you left off the day before, to bring your mind back into the story. But don’t let that trick you into getting lost in editing your earlier work, you’ll never move on to writing new pages.

Is procrastination ever an issue?

YES!!!!!! Email and Facebook are the usual timewasters. However, since this is also an election year and I am a political junkie, I have wasted untold hours visiting my favorite sites and then feeling compelled to share my ill-formed, knee-jerk opinions of certain articles on my Facebook page. I’m surprised I haven’t been ‘un-friended’ more than I have.

How much research do you do for a novel?

Naturally, it depends on the novel. For my first novel, set in World War Two Budapest, I did quite a bit of research. My current work-in-progress has me reading about French Impressionist artists, quantum physics, and mazes.

Do you need a set level of comfort from your research before you begin to write, or do you do research as you go?

No, I like to write and research as I go, for two reasons: 1) I’m afraid of becoming mired down in research and never writing the book, and 2) I don’t want to lose the momentum that you get with the excitement of starting a new story.

Have you ever put yourself or a friend or other real person into a story?

Yes! There is a bit of me in every protagonist I’ve created. I’m guessing that the characters we create reflect many aspects of our personalities.

Waiting With God

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