Sunday, September 15, 2013

Getting to Know Rachel Hanna, Author of Ruined

at 4:30 PM

What color represents your personality the most?
Anyone who knows me would probably say red. I like vibrant colors and I'm very outgoing, so I think red stands out the most out of all of the colors.

What movie do you love to watch?
Gone With The Wind is my favorite movie of all time. In fact, I just watched it again on TV last night! I never get tired of it, and I've probably watched it at least 100 times since I first saw it in the eighth grade. Another movie that I always enjoy is Hope Floats, and I also like Sweet Home Alabama.

If you could do any job in the world what would you do?
I'm doing it!

What makes you angry?
People who lie. I can't stand it. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

Are you a city slicker or a country lover?
I've gone back and forth on this in my life, but I would say a country lover would be the most accurate description. Growing up in small towns and areas outside of the city, I grow to love the country life more and more each year.

What's your next project?
I will be working on the January Cove series again. My readers are waiting for book number three, and I am busily working on that one as we speak. 

How do you feel about self-publishing?
Since I self publish, I obviously love it! I think it levels the playing field and gives people the opportunity to write books and connect with their audience without having to wait years to find a traditional publisher. In the end, what matters most is what readers think about your books. I think self-publishing has been a great thing for authors and for readers.

What does love mean to you?
First of all, I think love is a decision. It's not a feeling. We might have feelings of love when we first get together with someone, but it's a decision to stay with that person through good times and bad. Many times in our society, I think people are too fickle about love. When those emotions start to wear off, as they often do and should, they run for the hills. I think you have to make a decision every day to recommit to the people you love in your life.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?
My sense of humor. Most people in my real life would tell you that I'm funny and have no filter on my brain. Whatever I'm thinking come straight out of my mouth. It makes for an interesting life!

What is your least favorite quality about yourself?
I would have to say my impatient nature. I want things to happen yesterday, so I will often rush and try to get things done as quickly as possible which only leads to stress and mistakes that I have to go back and fix.

What is your favorite color?
I love the color of the sky when it's blue.

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