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Author Interview – David Desmond

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Oliver Booth wants nothing more than to become part of the rich and famous “in” crowd. There are a lot of people out there today who want that same thing. What drives people to want this? Do they get what they bargained for once they get there? Insecurity. It’s really that simple. Rather than make an effort to get to the root of one’s dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s life, many people instead opt for superficial status symbols. You know, they buy a Bentley, they join the “right” club, they marry a trophy wife. The most extreme example, of course, is plastic surgery, but the superficial trappings of status and financial security will never lead to inner happiness. I mean, what’s the point of buying a Lamborghini in Palm Beach when the speed limit is 30 miles per hour? Essentially, this is a community of people with too much money and too much free time who are trying to impress others who just can’t be impressed.

I love how some of the names in your books are a double-edged sword, like Dudley Drane, who heads up the self-help seminars at Morningwood, or Dot Chillingsworth, who is on the Goiter Gala committee. Did you consciously develop character names to signify something? I can’t recall ever having made a conscious effort to come up with a name for a character, despite the fact that they’re very important to me. They just seem to spring into my mind and only later on do I figure out their significance. Take the name Oliver Booth, for example. As best I can determine, my selection of a name with the letter “O” in three places was probably influenced by Oliver’s portly physique, and those letters also could hint at the number zero and perhaps his absence of character and substance.

How do you stay inspired as an author? The answer is both very simple and very complicated. The secret is to live life. It can only be through living life to the fullest that an author can continue to evolve as a person and thus as a writer.

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