Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Author Interview – Samantha Barrett

at 1:30 AM

How do you feel about social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Are they good? Yes,  they help keep in touch with family and friends better than a phone because you can see the children grow up, and if you can’t go to a wedding or any other event, it can be easily recorded and sent that same day.  Also, they are great marketing tools.

If you could do any job in the world what would you do? Housewife, I’m happiest when I’m home.

What are you most passionate about? What gets you fired up? Companies that still test on animals.  We have computers now that can give results of the tests, it is no longer necessary to torture animals and the companies that still do, may think they are saving money not converting, but they aren’t. So many people feel as I do and will no longer purchase items from companies that still test on animals.

What makes you angry? Spanking children.  Yelling at children in public.  They both humiliate the child and parents are supposed to encourage, build confidence and  ensure self-esteem.  There is a world out there that’s ready to humiliate them. You are supposed to be a safe, loving, accepting place for your child to go to.

What’s your most embarrassing moment of your life? When I was 13 years old, it was Mother’s Day and my whole family, about 18 people, were out to dinner.  I came out of the ladies room when my grandfather yells, in front of everyone, “If I were a younger man, I wouldn’t give you a second look.”  I went back into the ladies room and sobbed for about 10 minutes.


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Rating – R

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