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Author Interview – Anastasia V Pergakis

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Favourite quote? Sing like no one is listening, Dance like no one is watching, Work like you don’t need money, Love like you’ve never been hurt, and Live like there is no tomorrow.

For fun, I recently took this and wrote a sort of “Author’s Version”:

Write like no one is reading, World Build like no one is watching, Promote like you don’t need money, Ask for reviews like you’ve never been hurt, and Edit like there is no tomorrow.

If you won the jackpot on the lottery, what would you spend it on? That depends on how much the jackpot is! I’m all for helping my friends, so while I might buy a few things for myself, I’ll most likely help friends and family with most of it.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you like to visit? Germany. I was born there and lived there for years as a kid but I don’t have any memory of the place. I will make it there someday!

If you could travel in time, when would you like to visit? Just for a visit? The medieval ages, hands down. I wouldn’t want to live then, but visiting I think would be so much fun.

What are three things on your “Bucket” list? 1. Visit Stonehenge

2. Be A Published Author (Check!)

3. Touch someone else’s life in a positive way

What movie best describes your life?  Why? There is a line in the movie Avatar where Jake Sully says “Everything is backwards. Like the real world is in there, and this is the dream.” in reference to his life with the N’abi and his life as a “researcher” in a wheelchair. I get so engrossed in my stories that it’s literally like I have two lives. One “in there”, the world I’ve made up and the one “out here” where I’m a mom, wife, etc. And while Avatar might not be the best example to show that point, it’s the first one I thought of.

If you could choose one character to have over for dinner, who would it be and why? Well, I would say Derac, Captain of the Kinir Elite, but I’m sure the rest of the team would get a little jealous. There is just something about Derac that I love, though I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe because he talks to me more than the others – and visits my dreams more often too, but I’m not really sure what it is. He’s one of the easiest character POV’s for me to write, which I find funny, since he’s a guy. But, I’m sure dinner with him would be a treat as he would no doubt come up with something amazing, like – a picnic in a meadow of wild flowers in Kinir or something like that.


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