Friday, August 23, 2013

Author Interview – Zarug Thane

at 3:30 AM

Do you have any advice for writers of speculative fiction?

Consume copious amounts of psychedelic drugs, then immerse yourself in demonic texts.  The Necronomicon, certainly, but also Daniel, Revelation, and some of the newer prophets –  the White album, the Left Behind series, Stephen King….  You people are far too repressed and literal minded.  Science has blinded you to the supernatural.

You feel that Abdul al Hazred, author of the Necronomicon, will reappear?

Bringing him back is one of my chief tasks.  It’s essential, if the End Times are to arrive on schedule.

Why do you think we’re heading for the End Times?

Nearly all the Gods have been rejected, the Old Ways forgotten.  Slavery is almost universally outlawed, burning at the stake and many other forms of execution are deemed too violent, wars of aggression are frowned upon.  In a word, the Gods are getting bored and something needs to be done (like at the Tower of Babel) to keep humanity from living together in peace, which would be too tedious to even contemplate.

How do you plan to bring al Hazred back?

Cloning.  The advent of this technology:  this too is a sign the End is near.  I know where the Great One’s body is entombed.  Once I extract DNA from his mummy, I will have his body reconstituted, so that his spirit can then possess it.  This is a hell of a lot easier than the normal rituals, believe me.

What part of modern society do you like the best?

Running water.  Incandescent lights come in a close second.  If you’ve ever tried to read by candlelight or torch light, you know that I’m talking about.  The gods only know how many people went blind from doing that.  But if I had to choose, I’d take the running water.  Living in a world of chamber pots is dehumanizing.  I don’t even like thinking about it.


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